Poetry Workshop Format

Intimate groups: No more than seven participants.
Personalized follow-up material: Based on what comes out of each session.
Contemporary voices: With a focus on female & non-binary poets of color.
Live writing time: Not just quick-writes, also longer explorations (30-45 min).
Affordability: Sliding scale rates and discounts for return paricipants.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

That being said, the general format I follow begins with a short warm-up exercise to play with language and get our minds on topic. After the warm-up, we read 1-3 poems/poets, exploring them for craft as well as our own emotional responses. We move from the poems into writing prompts and writing time. Then, the group re-convenes to share writing or process as each individual wishes; there is no obligation to do so. Unless the writer is interested in particular feedback or requests no feedback, those with something to offer about what was shared speak briefly on something they appreciated about what they heard. As we all understand the writing is fresh and unfinished, the focus is not on critique.

SOBI (Small Observances, Big Ideas) workshops are ongoing and run in six-week blocks that take place weekly in two-hour sessions. Groups range from 4-7 people. Sliding scale $170-230 payable via check, Venmo (@kathrynpetruccelli) or Paypal (montereyboundATgmailDOTcom). Class runs 8:30pm-10:30pm EST. Next new session will run January 10-February 14, 2022. Write me at montereybound AT gmail DOT com to reserve your spot. For more shorter-run workshops check out the Poetry is Not a Luxury Series below. Please be in touch if you’d like to be part of a Tuesday daytime series.

Online Writing Workshops (my teaching approach).

Poetry is Not a Luxury Series for Women.

Dovetail Storytelling Workshop.


Demo Video for Poetry Workshops.

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